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Vial of Life

The Vial of Life is a life saving program we offer free of charge and one which can save your life!  It's very simple: All your medical and personal information is collected on a form, placed in a small plastic vial then placed in your fridge.  A sticker is then placed on your fridge door to alert paramedics and emergency personal that you have the Vial of Life.  It is used when you cannot speak for yourself during an emergency situation.

Why should I participate in the Vial of Life program?

  • The Vial of Life program is FREE!

  • It will provide information you may not be able to provide to 911 responders during an emergency.

  • It is an easy and safe way to share information with those who may need it in an emergency situation.

  • The Vial of Life program could save your life!

How to use the Vial of Life

  • Complete the information sheet.

  • Place the completed sheet inside the Vial of Life container.

  • Place the Vial of Life container on a shelf in the refrigerator door.

  • Place the sticker on the upper right corner of the refrigerator door.

  • Remember to update the information sheet as often as necessary.

If you need to update your form, you can download it HERE or contact your coordinator for a new one.

To learn more about the program or to obtain a Vial of Life, please contact your nearest coordinator.

"I wish my Father had a Vial of Life.  He collapsed and the medications he was given interacted with the ones he was on.  This could have saved his life!"

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